How to Reduce Printer Paper Waste


Paper waste is a recurring issue in the overwhelming majority of office spaces. Although you can choose to recycle paper, it’s most efficient to learn how to reduce waste as much as you can. Plus, paper can cost, up to 3% of a company’s total revenue. Do you really want all that money to go to waste? We sure hope not, so for the sake of yourself as well as your colleagues and even your CEO, here’s how you can learn to do just that! Here are our tips directly from the best printer repair near Orange County and Los Angeles

Use double-sided printing

Why use more paper if you don’t have to? Just simply take advantage of the double-side printing option on your printer’s settings! If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can just simply Google the type of printer you have to find a tutorial.

Say adios to other paper materials as much as you can

While there may be instances when you must use your printer supplies for professional purposes, such as bringing in a resume or issuing a resignation letter, if giving out physical handouts or even using physical sticky notes, do it. Take advantage of modern apps such as Google Docs, Slack, and Evernote to get your tasks and team collaborations done.

Remove any personal recycling bins

There will be more dire consequences to wasting paper if employees don’t have their own personal waste bin to throw them in. Sure, there may be times when it is inevitable, such as an unexpected printer malfunction, but it will force workers to think twice about whether or not what they are printing is truly that important or not.

Archive everything electronically

You may be worried about data loss, but archiving information the old fashion way just takes up more trees and more physical space. Plus, if the documents were to get dirty or damaged, it means you have to print them out and file them all over again!

Establish a formal paper-saving policy in your workplace

Don’t make saving paper an option, make it a rule. Encourage your boss or whoever else is in charge of your office space to set it in place so that fellow employees have no choice but to truly think before they print and help out in looking after the environment a little better.

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