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Los Angeles, CA’s Printer & Copier Repair Experts

After more than 35 years in business, Cal Tech Copier has the experience and up-to-date expertise in commercial printer and copier repair. Los Angeles, CA-area businesses keep their productivity running at high levels when their office equipment functions properly. The best way to ensure that is to leave their maintenance and repairs in the hands of seasoned professionals. Dysfunctional or broken printers and copiers can slow down your company’s daily progress. Additionally, the costs of outsourcing your printing can range more than five times the cost of in-house printing. Our team of skilled technicians will make sure you can print and copy without constant worry. We don’t just run a quick fix and keep our fingers crossed. Our knowledge of various generations of printers and copiers allows us to perform conclusive on-site repairs that get your business running efficiently again. All our repairs also include a 60-day warranty, so on the off-chance that something goes wrong, we’ll return it and make things right.

man repairing copier

Thorough Service with Matching Parts

When our team visits your commercial site to perform repairs on a printer or copier, we provide a well-rounded experience that ensures your satisfaction. In addition to making the necessary repairs, our factory-trained technicians also inspect and thoroughly clean your equipment. We always visit your business with common parts in hand that cover most repair needs, so you don’t have to waste additional time waiting for us to order parts. After completing service on your printer or copier, our team tests it to make sure your system is fully operational and clean before we leave. Don’t neglect equipment maintenance ever again with our maintenance and service agreements that cover all makes and models of printers and copiers. We can check them quarterly for frequently used machines, or we can come by annually for other equipment. You can choose from short- or long-term agreements that include parts and labor. Staying on top of your equipment maintenance can minimize performance issues and improve your machines’ longevity.

Call for a Free Estimate on Service

With the expert repairs and maintenance coverage Cal Tech Copier offers, you can keep your equipment running optimally and get prompt repairs whenever a problem arises. For printer and copier emergencies, take advantage of our same-day and on-demand services to minimize your waiting time. We’re proud to offer our skillset and expertise with commercial clients throughout the Los Angeles area, including Long Beach, Orange County, San Fernando Valley, and Pasadena. Don’t let your business lag due to equipment failure. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on the printer and copier services you need.

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