Printer Repair vs Replacement


Copier and printer units are frequently used in many businesses. Therefore, it can be very frustrating whenever this equipment malfunctions. Many office managers are under pressure to come up with a quick fix. But they frequently struggle with not knowing whether they need a new printer or a full-on printer repair service. A complete replacement costs more, but it guarantees that the machine will function. Although repairs are preferred, they might not be possible if a machine has reached its workload limit or if some of its parts are no longer available. So, how exactly does one decide whether to repair or replace their office machine? Some of the most crucial things to think about are listed below:


The equipment’s lifetime volume.

Consider the lifetime volume of the equipment when deciding between a printer repair service and a complete printer replacement. On the configuration page, most printer/copier devices should display this information. It is comparable to the overall mileage of a car. You can tell if your machine has more life left in it or if it will soon burn out by looking at its expected lifetime volume. Verify that your monthly workload does not go over the printer or copier’s recommended maximum number of pages.

How old the printer is.

To determine whether a printer or copier model is currently functional, the release date of the model—not just the date it was purchased—is crucial. The expected lifetime capacity of a piece of equipment your company has had for four years may be affected if the model was introduced three years earlier. The availability of replacement parts and, consequently, the ease with which your machine can be repaired are frequently impacted by age. When a printer or copier is more than seven years old, office repair professionals advise replacing it. Replacement parts might still be available, but they’ll probably be costly, and the office equipment might not be able to handle the latest firmware updates, reducing its overall performance. 

Cost per page

Finally, when deciding whether to repair or replace your printer, consider the repair cost. Repairs shouldn’t be too expensive or difficult if your machine is relatively new and gets regular maintenance. However, if you consider the more complicated repairs of an older device, you may start to see expenses add up. Get a quote from a printer or copier repair service and ask their professional opinion on the most cost-effective solution to determining whether a repair is worthwhile.

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