Why Is Having a Printer Still Useful in Such A Digital Age?


As technology advances each coming year, many businesses are going paperless and abandoning hard copies. Why? Because they are simply in favor of dealing with all of their documents via email or the cloud. This is fantastic news on many levels; not only will there be less paper and waste, but it will also make the lives of many employees easier. It’s all about making work, productivity, and space more efficient. Technological advancements and rising costs primarily drive this trend. However, even in this digital age, the ability to print hard copies is still required for offices

Here are 4 reasons why looking for printer repair near Los Angeles for your office needs is still necessary:

Many businesses still use paper regularly.

Although your office may be paperless, not all businesses and customers are on board. As a result, it’s critical that your office can print hard copies for clients who require documents in physical form. You will need to ensure your printer and all your printer supplies are functioning correctly. Failing to do so can result in less productivity from your employees and losing valued clients and can even contribute to a higher turnover rate. So why not set aside some of your budgets to ensure that your printer and copy machines are good?

Physical copies can be helpful when technology mishaps strike.

Computers can crash, networks can go down, and storage systems can be hacked. In the worst-case scenario, all data is lost for good. Electronic backup of customer files is one business continuity strategy, but keeping master copies of your records on paper can also be lifesaving in these catastrophic situations. While technology has vastly improved the business world and communications, paper documents stored in a secure location will always be the most reliable method of record keeping. 

To accommodate clients or employees who are not the most tech-savvy.

Just because your company has gone paperless does not mean that all other companies and customers are on the same page. Your business strike may differ from others, and eliminating office printers may not work as well for them as it does for you.

Physical letters are still not entirely out of style.

Many businesses still use physical paper as a form of formality. For example, when handling an official notice (e.g. notice of layoff or termination of employment), it may be seen as curt by some to use email. Whether the news is good or bad, using paper is often perceived as more professional. Besides, it has a more “personal” touch to it.

CalTech Copier can get the job done.

These should only be a few tiny issues that offices may encounter with their office equipment. Office employees should be able to rely on their machines at any given time, which is why professional repair services should be available during these setbacks. Cal Tech Copier can help you increase the efficiency of your office and your business as a whole. So the next time you find yourself needing printer repair or copier repair near Los Angeles or Orange County, now you know exactly who to call!