Hacks To Help Make Your Printer Work Better


An essential tool should be your business copier printer, which is vital for effective and profitable operations in most businesses. Your copier printer, however, is used to varying degrees of efficacy, just like any other instrument. Here are some hacks for you to use before you decide to look up printer repair near Los Angeles or Orange County.

Get familiar with all of your printer’s functions.

When you buy an office copier printer, you expect it to be able to do more than just print documents when you buy one. However, most consumers are unaware of the full range of their printer’s capabilities beyond document scanning. Spend some time learning what your printer is capable of. Some people are adept at sorting and staple-making, which reduces administrative time. Others include a secure printing feature that stops staff members from flouting confidentiality agreements. To ensure effective utilization and serve as a resource for other staff, many businesses find it advantageous to designate a key operator for each printer and your printer supplies. 

Observe the elements that encourage productivity in your staff and the features they neglect. This will enable you to decide which capabilities your printers should have for your business to run smoothly.

Set up default functions as soon as possible.

Nothing wastes time more frequently than changing your computer or printer settings each time you want to use it. When setting it up, think about the jobs you’ll often utilize your business copier printer for. The primary email addresses, for instance, should be set up if you want to scan to email so that your staff members won’t have to put it in each time.

Program your printer to always print on two sides and just in black and white rather than color if you want to save money on printing. Set the suitable printer as the default on each employee’s workstation to enhance efficiency. This will protect them from having to change the setting each time they want to print a document.

Remember that using defaults during the initial setup is insufficient. If your staff has started to utilize new functions frequently, you should adjust your defaults to include them. You could, for instance, keep adding email addresses for people who routinely scan papers.

Choosing the right location for your printer.

Not just for real estate, location matters. Consider who will use your business copier and printer the most. It should be noted that this person may not be the one who prints the most; instead, if you have someone who frequently has to scan papers, they may spend the most time using the printer.

Setting up location will be simpler if your printer quantity is optimized for the correct number of users. For instance, placement becomes difficult if your office doesn’t have enough printers to meet its needs. You might have to make a concession and choose which office end or floor to put the equipment on. Due to the inappropriate use of the printer and the wasteful use of staff time, there may be inefficiencies on two levels (because no matter where you place your printer, it will be poorly located for some).

Think about the noise that printers can produce (or that can be made around printers, i.e., paper shuffling, chatting, etc.). To prevent interruptions and distractions, try to place your printers as far away from your primary workspace as possible.

Make sure you have a good toner.

Some companies make an effort to save money by buying cheap printer cartridges. Sadly, this results in two issues. The deterioration in print quality is the most noticeable issue, and there may be blurring and fuzzy edges on images and text in some circumstances. The second issue is that less expensive toner doesn’t hold up as well as more expensive toner. You’ll not only need to buy more cartridges but also have more printer downtime when those cartridges need to be changed. Every time you use a printer, crisp, professional-looking papers will be produced thanks to high-quality toner cartridges from a recognized print supplier. Additionally, they will reduce downtime and boost efficiency.

Printer repair near me!

Having the appropriate tool for the job is not enough; you also need to know how to utilize it. Your printer can be a huge asset to your company if you take the time to get to know it. If you’re ever in need of printer or copier repair near Los Angeles or Orange County, please call CalTech Copier today!