A Printer Repair Service Company Explains Why Ink Is Expensive



Shopping for printer ink is often something that most people will treat with dread. All too frequently does it run out faster than people can anticipate, which will lead them to have to purchase more. More often than not, in very large quantities, which can cost a pretty penny for customers. So that begs the question as to why ink is so expensive in the first place? Why do stores charge so much for such a simple factor to help printers print out what their customers desire? Cal Tech Copier, a local printer repair service company, has the answer to that, and it is here that we shall take a deep dive into that answers.


Reasons Why Ink Is Expensive 

Not all of the Ink is Utilized

Despite what many customers of printer and copier repair may think, whenever they use their printer, not all of the ink is being used in a manner they may not even consider nor think of. Besides being used to print out documents, pictures, or whatever it is people might desire, ink is actually used to keep the printer’s printing head maintained so that it can continue to be in working order for whenever you have to use it. So, in short, you’re using ink probably twice as much as you probably realize.

Complex Creation

The particular type of ink that people use for their printers is much harder to make than many may even realize. In turn, it is going to jack up the price as a result. Printer ink manufacturers have to make sure that the dye’s pigmentation and composition will work with a printer. It is no easy task, especially when you consider those ink companies have to make sure that they can do this with four different colors to get the job done. Making sure that these inks can be used in high resolutions also adds a wrinkle of tediousness to the creation of the inks, making the entire process quite expensive for both them and the customers who have to purchase this ink. 

Installment Payments

Have you ever wondered why the video game DLC became so popular for game companies, much to the annoyance of their consumers? This is because, despite the most popular video games remaining the same in price at $60, the cost of making them went up, so the DLC is like an installment plan to help pay for the expenses. The same concept can be applied to printers as they advance in the technology they use to assist the average consumer. Ink cartridges just happen to be the most convenient way for printing companies to ensure that they get their money’s worth in terms of what was put into making them.


Ink cartridges are definitely among one of the more expensive aspects when it comes to owning a printer. Every ink cartridge, depending on what brand you purchase, costs anywhere from $50-$100, which is something that many people have to live with. Though it may be pricey, it’s definitely worth it to get the services that a printer can offer, especially in an office environment.