3 Common Mistakes When Owning A Printer


When it comes to your printers, you have to be careful not to push the limitations of their design. If you push your luck, then you just might run into issues that could damage your printer, making calls to a printer repair service company a more expensive necessity. So here is a list of the things you can do to avoid such mistakes in the future. 

Wrong Paper insertion

Everyone knows that you need to insert the paper into your printer for it to actually function. A common mistake that many people make is that they either put the paper in improperly or they attempt to force it far too much. This can cause your paper to get jammed, damaging the printer’s internal components to such a degree that it can’t print properly anymore unless the issue is personally seen by a professional. You could even make similar mistakes when using a copier, necessitating a call to copier repair. To avoid this, use patience and care when inserting a new paper, and focus on just how much paper is safe to use. 

Forcing Toner and ink

When it comes to printing equipment, not all equipment is suitable for every type of printer. Sometimes the toner is incorrect for the type of printer you’re using. If that is indeed the case, don’t try to force the issue by shoving it inside; otherwise, you might break the insertion, the toner, or another part of the printer itself. This might render your printer to become a thing of the past if it incurs too much damage.

Dirty Printer

Another common mistake that people make is not cleaning the printer. You’ll be surprised by the amount of dust and debris that can get into it, making it very difficult for it to function and do its job. Some of this debris can even clog up the paper entry, damaging it further. 

Go the extra mile in this regard and buy your own printer cover to make sure that nothing could get in whenever you’re not using it. Printer covers aren’t cheap, but it wouldn’t be a terrible investment, all things considered.


Making trips to your local printer repair service company is an inevitability if you own a printer. No matter how advanced the technology gets and no matter how many different models there are, something will eventually go wrong with it. However, it will be a lot cheaper, and your trips will be less frequent if you follow through with the advice and tips above.