The Differences Between An Impact and Non-impact Printers


Many different types of printers have filled shelves in stores such as Staples or Best Buy, but some people don’t even realize their full capabilities. To help you understand the functionalities of these printers, we will be going over the impact and non-impact style of printers so that you can fully appreciate what they can accomplish. You’ll be surprised at the capabilities of these machines and how different they are in functionality, according to a printer repair service near me. 

Impact Printer

An impact printer stands out from its counterparts mostly because it is designed to generate contact between the paper and the ink ribbon through hammers or pins that force the contact between the two. Another defining feature of impact printers is that almost all of them are mechanical, which can be seen through their inner workings and design. They also are more prolific and generous in their use of ink, which also means that they will consume the substance at a higher rate than other printers.

Non-impact Printer

As far as non-impact printers go, these types forego the idea of creating contact between the ribbon and ink paper. Instead, a laser is utilized to get the job done, along with other possible methods, included, but not limited to electrostatic or inkjet methods at the machine’s disposal. These machines are not mechanical like their impact printing counterparts and thus generate less noise and consuming less power. 

Energy Efficiency

According to a local copier repair professional, these two printers couldn’t be any more similar in terms of energy efficiency. Because of all the mechanical parts that an impact printer has and the fact that it’s reliant on electrical energy, it is much less efficient than the non-impact printer. The heat that it has to generate to print makes it waste excess electrical energy compared to its counterpart. 


With that being said, even though the energy efficiency for the non-impact printer is higher, it is actually slower than its impact printer counterpart. Even though it can print out a page in roughly thirty seconds, many different types of impact printers can accomplish this in around half or a quarter of that time. 


Despite its speed advantage, one area where the impact printer is lacking is its ability to print in multiple colors. It can usually only print in one color, and even then, the quality of the graphics isn’t much compared to the non-impact versions. The non-impact printers will have little difficulty in printing out the finest of graphics while also having the ability to print out multi-colored pictures. 


It’s truly quite fascinating to see firsthand just how different these two printers are. Truly this info provided by a certain printer repair service can help you decide which type of printer you’ll buy at the end of the day. If you’re in need of repairs of impact and non-impact printers, call Cal Tech Copier at 1-800-834-0092 or visit their website and take advantage of the 20% service discount they offer.